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Local Business Owners’ Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply to be a SHOP LOCAL merchant?
It’s super-easy. Head here to start the application process.

2. How does SHOP Local work?
As a merchant, you’ll have control over how much to discount. Other than that, no additional work is
required from you or your staff. The savings for your customers are automatic—no vouchers, no hassle.
Each month, SHOP Local will provide a detailed report, including information about revenue and the
number of transactions we delivered. You’ll be able to track exactly how much business SHOP Local is
helping you bring in.


3. What is a Cashback Reward?
Customer’s earn Cashback from their SHOP Local purchases, and they can use the rewards on
SHOP.COM or once consumers reach a $10 cash-back balance, they’re eligible to request the amount via
direct deposit to their personal account.


4. Why is this appealing to customers?
As easy as it is for you, it’s even easier for customers. They’re going to discover great new merchants,
including yours throughout the area. No fiddling with phones or paper vouchers— they simply go to the
SHOP Local merchant and purchase as normal, using the credit or debit card registered through the
SHOP Local website.


5. Do I have to pay a fee to be a SHOP Local merchant?
There are no upfront fees to join the network except the commission given to SHOP.COM on purchases
made by customers, which we will then reward Cashback and points. When we drive a customer to use
SHOP Local at your business, you pay SHOP Local a Cashback percentage and a marketing fee. The
Cashback goes back to your customer in its entirety... These fees will be totaled and billed to you by
SHOP Local on a monthly basis.


6.What types of businesses can join SHOP Local?
Basically, any place that can process a credit card transaction and has a physical location. Here are some

  • Dine-in restaurants, quick-service restaurants, etc.

  • Bars and clubs

  • Cafes and coffee shops

  • Ice cream and frozen yogurt shops

  • Childcare centers

  • Dry cleaners

  • Local bakery & more

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SHOP.COM, one of the Top 100 e-commerce sites in the world.


7. Does SHOP Local require any extra equipment or software?
If you accept credit cards, SHOP Local requires no additional hardware or equipment. Customers use
their activated and registered credit or debit cards to pay for products and services on SHOP Local
through your existing credit card reader, and SHOP Local takes care of the rest. However, the program
isn’t available for cash transactions or online orders.


8. Will my staff require special training in order to utilize SHOP Local?
No, because SHOP Local customers will behave like all other customers. No vouchers, remember? They
pay with their registered credit or debit card in the SHOP Local program, and SHOP Local takes care of
the rest. No additional training, work, or effort will be needed from you or your staff.


9. Who can I contact if I have more questions about this program?
Please email and we’ll answer any questions you have about being featured as a
SHOP Local merchant. We’d love to hear from you!


10. Can I discount specific parts of the business or offer more detailed offers through this model? For
example, I’d like to offer 20% off appetizers in the wine bar between 4 and 5 p.m.

At this time, this isn’t possible. We’ve designed SHOP Local so that customers will seek you out in a way
that allows you to serve them seamlessly. It’s good for them and easy for you. We do all the work, after all!

Note: offers "Deal Alerts" as an optional service that notifies your mobile customers about
special promotions your business is running.  Please click here to review Free "Deal Alerts" information.


11. Is there any way to limit the number of people in a party that can use a specific SHOP Local

You don’t have to worry about this, because anyone who pays with an activated card receives the
agreed-upon reward, which you have the ability to control. If one SHOP Local member pays for multiple
people in a given party, the discount will be applied to his or her card, but it will never exceed the
percentage you have set.


12. Can merchants limit the number of rewards a customer earns in a given period of time?
The maximum amount of cashback a customer can earn in a day from a single merchant is $250.00.


13. How does the SHOP Local program work? How will customers find my offer? How will
It help me get more customers?

This is the fun part: We can do a lot to help customers find you. Customers will discover your promotion
via SHOP Local's website (See here) and mobile channels (Download APP) via SHOP.COM, as well as
through direct email marketing campaigns. It can help you generate a considerable amount of valuable
exposure––with no effort on your part. We’re thrilled to be rolling it out, and think you’ll be excited too
when you see it in action.


14. Will customers who are visiting the area be able to find my business on SHOP Local?
We’re so glad you asked! SHOP Local members can access the list of all merchants that participate in the
program via web or smartphone. SHOP.COM will drive customer visits and sales to your business 
through the SHOP Mobile App, desktop and word of mouth advertising, so they’ll be able to find your
business anytime they’re in your area.


15. Where can I see information about how many customers SHOP Local has brought to my business?
You’ll receive a monthly report that provides revenue stats, as well as the number of customers who’ve
visited your business. The sample report can be found in the video here at https://SHOPLOCAL.SHOP.COM


16. Will I know when SHOP Local customers are in my business? Will I know when a SHOP Local
transaction has taken place?

Not necessarily, unless they tell you or ask about it. We think this is great, though, because it keeps both
you and the customer from worrying about redeeming vouchers, keeping track of vouchers, etc. You’ll
still receive regular information about when SHOP Local transactions are taking place, so it’ll be easy to
keep track of how it’s working. 


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