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Give your car the showroom treatment with Autoworks Car Wash Promo Pack and save 45%! Our new car wash promo pack conveniently combines our high performance Exterior Car Wash, Shimmering Polish and Tire & Wheel Cleaner to give you all you need to get professional detailing results with do-it-yourself products and price. Try Autoworks Car Wash Promo Pack, available for a limited time!



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• Contains (1) Autoworks Exterior Car Wash, (1) Autoworks Shimmering Polish, (1) Autoworks Tire & Wheel Cleaner
• New car wash promo pack conveniently combines all you need to get professional detailing results with do-it-yourself products and price
• Autoworks products are made with non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based ingredients that are free of paraben preservatives and phosphates, and bottled in recyclable plastic

Autoworks Car Wash Promo Pack Contains
Autoworks Exterior Car Wash:

• A highly concentrated blend of mild, plant-based surfactants that help enhance the shine of painted vehicles
• Does not contain acids or alkali that strip wax and dry out the paint 
• Rinses clean with a streak-free 
• Softens minerals in the water to reduce water spotting
• Gentle surfactants cut through dirt and grime, leaving no microscopic abrasives in the wash water
• Strong enough to tackle the worst grime from the elements, environment and road conditions
• Protects against scratching
• Gentle on paint and won’t damage clear coats

Autoworks Shimmering Polish:
• Shines and protects
• Resists detergents, pollution, hard water spotting, road salts, insect remains, bird droppings
• Radiant, shimmering shine 
• Maximizes paint’s brilliance and reflection
• Leaves a slick, high-gloss, streak-free shine, without any white residue
• Restores the luster of your car’s finish with no harsh chemicals or abrasives
• Environmentally friendly

Autoworks Tire & Wheel Cleaner 
• Formulated to safely and gently clean all light alloy wheels
• Gently breaks down dirt, grime and other debris
• Safe on all light alloy wheels and all clear coated, chrome, polished and anodized finishes
• Surrounds and encapsulates dirt and grime to rinse it easily away
• Clean the dirtiest surfaces without harsh chemical solvents or acids
• Removes brake dust, road film, oil and grease
• A powerful cleaner that extracts grease and dirt from tires and wheels without the use of dangerous chemicals
• Contains no acids, no butyl or butyl ethers, and no petroleum distillates
• Environmentally friendly


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