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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding℠ "Deal Alerts" promotions. If you have questions not covered here, contact us and we'll help you get an answer to your questions.


How long does it take to create a "Deal Alerts" promotion?

It takes less than a minute to create a "Deal Alerts" promotion for your business. Once you've decided on the offer, simply visit out Business Orders page and schedule the date/time for your promotion.



How many "Deal Alerts" mobile campaigns can I create?


You may create an unlimited number of "Deal Alerts" mobile campaigns. Pricing for all mobile campaigns are based on the total number of subscribers for your account. 


Where do the mobile phone numbers come from?


To be able to send "Deal Alerts"  promotions to customers, they must first opt-in to your promotion. This is done by the customer texting a mobile keyword (i.e. BURGERHUT) to the℠ SMS short code 68398.


How many characters are in "Deal Alerts" promotions?

  • Client Based Campaign: a Client Based Campaign (CBC) broadcasts text messages exclusively to subscribers who joined using the business' unique "Deal Alerts" keyword (i.e. BURGERHUT). Each CBC promotion has 130 characters/spaces for your message. messages.

  • Area Based Campaign: an Area Based Campaign (ABC) broadcasts text messages to all℠ subscribers who joined from a specific geographic location (i.e. a city, a state, a zip code area, etc.) Each ABC promotion is 100 characters/spaces for your messages.

    Note: a required message instructing mobile subscribers how to opt-out of a campaign is included at the bottom of each text promotion.


Can I customize the opt-in message?

Yes, you may customize the opt-in message mobile subscribers receive when they opt-in to your "Deal Alerts" promotion. Because of required legal opt-in information that we must include in the opt-in message, you're left with 75 characters, so be creative.



What's the damage to my wallet for "Deal Alerts" promotions?

 "Deal Alerts"  promotion plans include unlimited text messages, and are billed based only on the amount of mobile subscribers in your℠ account. Also for all℠ paid accounts your business can run SMS Contests, Polls, and create SMS Autoresponders, to engage with your customers. For more information on℠ SMS pricing, please visit our pricing page.


Can mobile subscribers reply to my "Deal Alerts" promotions?

Yes, any paid℠ account will allow mobile subscribers to reply to any of your  "Deal Alerts"  promotion messages, with those responses being stored within your℠ account for you to view.

Can customers unsubscribe from "Deal Alerts" promotions?

Yes, customers can reply with the word STOP to any of your messages to immediately and automatically remove themselves from your  "Deal Alerts"  promotion list.

What if I have more questions?

Have a question about "Deal Alerts" promotions that wasn't answered here, you may use our contact page and we'll promptly respond.

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